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Less than 40% of web traffic comes from humans

Lessthan40percentishumanDo you use Google Analytics? Maybe some other form of tracking traffic to your website? I have some bad news: most of it is nonsense.

Statista created the above chart based on data from the cloud application platform Incapsula. Yep, you read that right: Humans make up 38.5% of all web traffic. The other 61.5% is generated by bots.

About half of which are estimated as good bots, such as search engines like Google checking your site for information. The other half is bad bots like ads, hackers and spam.

I think we all knew that there are plenty of bots out there, but I admit that I had no idea it was this skewed. I can’t wait to check the traffic that I get to this blog post. I look forward to multiplying the number of unique visitors by 0.385.

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