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LogmeOnce launches on Kickstarter!

1 LogmeOnce Cloud Dashboard_04_Medium Incons ViewLogmeOnce is an all-new encrypted USB and password manager. They just launched on Kickstarter, and you have to check it out.

You never have to remember your passwords ever again. You can create very strong passwords (which are very hard for people to remember) and LogmeOnce stores them for you. You simply click on the app of the website that you want to visit and you are opened up in a new window with military-grade encryption. It’s awesome!

They also have encrypted USB devices so you can take your passwords with you wherever you go. The USB device also has military-grade encryption, so if you lose it, don’t worry about it. No one is getting into it.

Click the Kickstarter link above to learn more. You’ll never have to remember your passwords or worry about getting hacked again.

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