After you’ve started your small business, the next big step is promoting it in a way that attracts customers. Lead generation is simply the process of attracting potential customers to a company’s product or service, if you are interested on this, visit website for local lead generation course.

These five categories as a guide will set you on the right path toward success.

Promoting your business with hardcopy:

A well-made business card can make or break a new company. Designing and printing a business card ensures that when you introduce yourself and your business, you lead with a good impression. Most computers operating systems from zero trust technologies comes with writing software that includes templates for business cards, or you can find many templates online or create your own.

Leafleting, another paper-based promotional tool can be less formal than the business card and includes more information introducing your business to the public and attracting customers. Leaflets are also very inexpensive to produce, with only the costs of printer ink and paper a factor if you print them yourself, but you can also opt for online printing options, like those offered at MyCreativeShop. Successful pizza parlors and tattoo shops rely heavily on leaflets to promote their businesses within their neighborhoods.

Promoting your business online:

The obvious online promotional tool is setting up your own business website, which allows you to promote your new business on a local, national and global scale. You can build your own website, work with an online service that helps and hosts your site or enlist the services of a professional web designer. Another way to market  your business online is through the help of an SEO agency from Victorious.

Google ads are a recent phenomenon that can bring a great deal of traffic and revenue to your website. By placing ads on your own website, you can earn a measure of money as well while your site is being promoted elsewhere. Many small business websites are partially or completely supported by their Google ad revenues, freeing up valuable funds for your business and getting publicity at the same time.


Going mobile with promotions:

Arguably one of the most successful means of promoting almost anything today is social media, and with the ability for these websites to be accessed on mobile devices, you can let people know about your business and products from anywhere.

Social media has made a huge mark on new and established business marketing, from celebrity endorsements to individualized apps. Online gaming has benefited greatly from this approach, with ads, apps and embedded links to a trusted online casino only a click away.

The personal touch:

If you have more to say about your business than will fit on a leaflet, or perhaps you want to bring your website information to customers in a different way, you can organize a seminar or talk related to your product. Many self-help businesses rely on this promotional tool exclusively with excellent results. Publishing testimonials from satisfied attendees in leaflets and on your website is an added benefit.


Building a business is never successful without networking. Events, parties and community activities are always opportunities to get the word out about your company, by chatting about your business with others, sponsoring an event or contributing in some way on behalf of your company.

Networking online is also an important step. Offering advice on message boards, blogging on your own website or submitting related articles to freelance sites, even compiling and publishing your own e-book are simple and relatively low-cost ways to promote your business.