If you think about it, there really is no concise way to write that headline. So much information to convey and there just isn’t a way to tighten that up.

Anyway, we mentioned previously, a woman in Philadelphia was charged with making a post on Facebook that offered “a stack” (that’s $1,000 if you aren’t familiar with street lingo) to someone who could kill her baby’s father. It was a brilliant scheme from the beginning and we don’t know how it could have possibly failed.

Well, 19-year old London Eley, has pleaded guilty to the act and will avoid prison time. She’s been convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit murder and will serve a three-to-23-month parole sentence. You can learn about weapons violation bail bonds in Connecticut

What made this all look bad was that Corey White, the baby’s father, was actually killed following this Facebook post. However, Eley and Timothy Bynum – aka the genius who said he’d do it – were both in custody at the time.


Bynum’s attorney has rejected a similar deal to the one that Eley took, saying that his client thought the whole thing was a joke. Oh! A big misunderstanding, like a “Three’s Company” episode. Sure thing.

So, that’s our social media lesson of the day. If you’re going to hire someone to kill someone else, try not to do it on Facebook.