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Don’t try to find people to kill your kid’s dad on Facebook

What are people thinking? Seriously. It’s bad enough that you’re 18-years old and looking for someone to kill the father of your child. Okay, there is Problem No. 1.

But, somehow you think it’s a good idea to solicit a contract killer on Facebook? You serious? But, yes that’s what London Eley did, and a Pennsylvania judge just upheld felony charges against her.


The judge also upheld the murder conspiracy charge for 18-year old Timothy Bynum, who had agreed to carry out the hit for $1,000. Really?! $1,000??!! That’s the amount of money you would accept to kill someone and risk your entire life in the process? $1,000?! I’m speechless.

So you want to have someone kill your kid’s father, and you decide that the public forum of Facebook is the place to do it. They should have extra charges tacked on for being so utterly stupid. Her defense is that she was only venting. Obviously, the judge didn’t buy it.

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