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WordPress to add PPC ads

People who use the WordPress blogging platform have been complaining for years that WordPress hosting doesn’t allow you to have ads on your blog. Now, if you got your own hosting, you can do whatever you want. But if you’re hosted on WordPress, you can’t have ads.

But, that is be changing.

WordPress has partnered with Federated Media to allow blogs to have PPC advertisements on them. You still have to meet preset requirements, but the fact that you’ll be able to have ads at all is a big step.

Jon Burke, from WordPress, explains it on his blog:

“Over the years one of the most frequent requests on has been to allow bloggers to earn money from their blog through ads,” Burke writes. “We’ve resisted advertising so far because most it we had seen wasn’t terribly tasteful, and it seemed like Google’s AdSense was the state-of-the-art, which was sad. You pour a lot of time and effort into you [sic] blog and you deserve better than AdSense.”

“If you’re going to have advertising on your site, it darn well better be good and beginning with our partnership with Federated Media we’re ready to start rolling out WordAds here on,” he concluded.

This should be neat to see, we can’t wait.

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