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Start a Google+ Hangout on YouTube

We were perusing an article that included the latest happenings with Google+. We’re intrigued by Google+, but have to really enjoy it. After all, for all the talk from Google about how many million early adopters there are, I don’t know many of them. I’ve got several friends on Google+, but not enough to keep me entertained. After all, they aren’t on it very much; not like they are on Facebook anyway.

But, here is one feature that we think is neat. You can now start a Google+ Hangout on YouTube. When you are watching a video you like, click on the “Share” button.

Underneath the “Share” button, you’ll see an option to start a Hangout. Now, you can invite a bunch of your friends and you can watch YouTube together. That’s pretty neat….if you have enough friends on Google+ to enjoy it with.

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