For most of the holiday season, JC Penney’s website ranked very high for many different products in Google searches. However, they got knocked down a few pegs when Google caught on to what they were doing. Or at the least, what their SEO firm was doing. All long, they wondered “how to increase my domain authority” nad finally they found their answer. Here is the detailed story!

JC Penney recently fired it’s SEO firm, SearchDex, which is presumably the culprit here and took tips from another popular firm called justseo.

JC Penney had links all over the web pointing to their website. This is standard SEO practice. Google likes inbound links to your website. However, it doesn’t like BS links on random sites that have completely unrelated content. And apparently, this is what JC Penney was doing.

Learn this lesson: Google loves relevance. When you are linking to and from sites that are completely irrelevant just to boost your site’s SEO performance, you will get smacked down by the search engine giant. It’s not “if,” but “when.”

BMW learned this when a few years ago, Google completely removed them from its search results. Ouch!

So yes, be careful with your SEO practices. Just ask, JC Penney.