MuckRackYou might remember us talking about my byline in probably the top website for PR/media folks called Muck Rack. I offered phone pitching tips for PR pros and it performed quite well.

As of this posting, my article has 40 shares on Facebook and 150 shares on LinkedIn. I thought that was pretty good, but apparently it’s really good.

I saw a tweet yesterday from @muckrack announcing that my article was one of the top three for all of July!

And what’s neat is that one of the other three was written by my good buddy Nicole Fallon Taylor from Business News Daily. And yes, I checked her shares and she has me beat. I’ll get you next time, Nicole! You can check out her article right here on why journalists need to answer their emails. I couldn’t agree more!

I just submitted my latest article to Muck Rack and it should run shortly.