Askmen.comWe’ve been wanting Anthony Gallo of Anthony Gallo Acoustics to share his audio tips in the media for a while and we finally got the perfect opportunity with They are a huge men’s general interest website (like Maxim for the internet) and we worked it out where Anthony gave them a list of tips for buying speakers.

Anthony did a great job and we highly recommend checking it out here.

We totally dig the love Anthony gets in his description and it’s completely warranted:

Anthony Gallo is the founder of Anthony Gallo Acoustics, a premium speaker and home theater company. After experimenting with speakers since the late 1970s, Gallo released his first commercially-available product in 1994, the Nucleus reference speaker, and his products are now available in over 40 countries worldwide. He was recently called “an iconoclastic loudspeaker designer, [whose] speakers neither look nor sound like the majority of their competitors.”

Gallo has long held the reputation of being the audiophile’s audiophile, and 2015 is supposed to be the year of audiophiles.

Anthony is an unmitigated genius and that might be an understatement.