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What do your Facebook posts say about you?

facebookOf course, we can all think of some people and their Facebook posts right off the bat to answer that question (“I think Jim is needy!”). But, some people actually did real research to break down what your Facebook posts reveal about your personality.

Are you a narcissist? Insecure? Conscientious? This article from Newser gives us a little insight:

“People are more likely to post relationship-relevant information on Facebook on days when they feel insecure,” researchers say, adding it’s “reasonable” to see the move as a way to “claim” their relationship. However, those with low self-esteem didn’t aim for attention and validation so much as narcissists, who were found to share updates about their achievements, as well as their diet and fitness routine, which suggests a deliberate display of the energy put into their appearance. Researchers say narcissists also posted more and received more likes and comments than others, but “it could be that their Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays,” the researchers say in a press release. “Greater awareness of how one’s status updates might be perceived by friends could help people to avoid topics that annoy more than they entertain.” And, as the study was self-reported, narcissists may have inflated the number of likes and comments they received, per Business Insider. (Facebook could be hurting your memory.)

Great, now I’m going to overanalyze everything I post on social media from now on. This reminds me of studying for my Abnormal Psych final back at Boston University. “Oh my god I do that!” “I feel like that sometimes!” “Oh no I’m a sociopath!”

Happy Facebooking!

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