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Ellen’s selfie sets Twitter record for re-tweets

EllenOscarsSelfieDid you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? I didn’t, but Lindsey caught some of it. I never see any of the movies that are nominated so I don’t really see the point.

But, there was something that happened at the awards that captured my attention. At one point during the show, host Ellen Degeneres took a “selfie” with a bunch of actors (I’ve heard that it’s actually called a “groupie,” but you get the idea). It was neat, but what happened afterwards was record-breaking.

Ellen tweeted the photo and it was re-tweeted more times than any other tweet in Twitter’s young history. @TheEllenShow tweeted the picture out and it was re-tweeted 1,300,000 times in less than an hour.

The previous champion was President Obama’s photo that he sent out after he won re-election in 2012. That picture has 780,000 re-tweets, so Ellen really crushed it.

Obama may be President of the United States, but Ellen is the Twitter re-tweet champion.

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