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Facebook hashtags are pretty worthless

FacebookHashtagsRemember when Facebook announced that they would now have hashtags in their posts back in June? Neither do I.

Yes, you can now have hashtags on Facebook, but does it really matter? A new report from says that it doesn’t.

The idea of a hashtag is to help things spread and go viral. Well, if that’s the case it seems like the opposite is happening. found that posts with hashtags have been going less viral, not more. And even engagement per fan was found to be less when people used hashtags.

What else was affected? Organic reach. That was also found to be less when a little # was used before words.

So, Facebook might want to get rid of the hashtags. Or, they can keep them but just don’t use them. I personally don’t see anyone using them unless it comes from someone’s Instagram or Twitter post.

I’ll continue to not use them after seeing this.

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