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Facebook app adds free calling

FacebookMessengerYes, it’s time for new Facebook features. Many of you have probably already heard about their new Graph Search, which is slowly rolling out in beta and probably won’t affect you any time soon anyway.

But, the Facebook Messenger app has a new feature that we may have cared about at one time, but probably don’t know. If you have an iPhone and the Facebook Messenger app, and you have a friend who has the same, you can call them for free.

Just tap the little “i” button in the upper right-hand corner and you can instantly call this person and talk for free. Forget private chatting or liking or commenting, you can now actually talk to the person!

Here is the problem, don’t most of us have unlimited minutes or something close to it? I ask because I’d have to think if you are on an iPhone, you can’t be on some pre-paid Boost Mobile type of deal. And a phone that would have those wouldn’t have the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone.

Those are the people they should make the app for. iPhone users are probably already set.

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