This is pretty neat. I was trying to think about something to blog about, when I thought about our client Virtual They were recently featured on for their work with Carlo’s Bake Shop of “Cake Boss” fame in Hoboken, NJ.

But, what they are doing is really neat. If you have an official Google partner shoot your store, they can then upload the information to Google and you’ll have a virtual tour show up in your search results.

For instance, let’s look at VP client Randy Jones’ All American Grille out in San Diego. I typed “Randy Jones All American Grille” in Google. Here is the result.

On the right side you’ll see an image that says “See Inside.” Click on that.

Now, you’re right inside and can take a virtual tour! You can spin around in 360-degree fashion or, better yet, you’ll notice a feint white circle under you mouse. Use that to move all over the place. Click and it will “walk” you over there.


We’re digging this. While it doesn’t make sense for many businesses (Large Media has no interest in you taking a virtual tour of our home office), if you are a restaurant, bar, spa, lounge, hotel, catering hall, etc., then this is absolutely perfect. And it’s not expensive, that’s what really blew our minds. Packages start at $349.