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WordPress 3.4.2 is out

If you were having some security issues with your WordPress blog or website, fear not. The newest version, WordPress 3.4.2 is now available for download and WP claims that they’ve fixed some security bugs.

From their website:

-Fix some issues with older browsers in the administration area.
-Fix an issue where a theme may not preview correctly, or its screenshot may not be displayed.
-Improve plugin compatibility with the visual editor.
-Address pagination problems with some category permalink structures.
-Avoid errors with both oEmbed providers and trackbacks.
-Prevent improperly sized header images from being uploaded.

If you use WordPress and ever actually go into your dashboard (seriously, how many people have we walked through the guts of WordPress and yet they never bother to go in there and see that 15 plugins need to be updated), you would know this because WP prompts you to upgrade at the top.

Back up your database and go for it!

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