I’m glad that the FTC is going after Facebook. The social networking giant is expected to settle a lawsuit that should send a strong message to other websites and internet companies about user privacy.

The FTC is saying that Facebook violated the privacy rights of its users when it changed the default settings to make more of their information public. I can’t stand when Facebook does that nonsense and I’m glad this is happening.

Facebook messes with its settings and interface far too often. And unless you spend hours scouring news about the changes, you probably aren’t aware that all of a sudden your phone number is showing to everyone.

Kind of like that new feature up in the right-hand corner, where it shows all of your friends activity and comments on other people’s posts that you probably don’t even know. Do I need to see friends having discussions with people I don’t even know? Absolutely not, and it’s just another reason why Facebook can be so irritating.

And as marketers, we are stuck dealing with it. No getting off of Facebook for us.

A settlement could be reached soon, and hopefully it gets Facebook to knock off the privacy hijinx.