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Tweetbot app hits app store

For those of you who love to tweet on your iPhone, but are tired of using the official Twitter app, you are in luck. The new Tweetbot app has just hit the app store and it will only cost you $1.99. So unless you are like me (never paid for an app), you’ll find this useful.

From what we’ve heard (remember…I don’t pay for apps so I’m not doing a review), Tweetbot is sensational. The only complaint we’ve heard so far is that you can’t use it in landscape mode. Not a problem for me because I always type in portrait mode regardless of what I’m doing. passes along their thoughts:

The developers added a ton of clever tweaks that you won’t find in the official Twitter app.

Some of our favorites features include triple tapping to reply to a tweet, viewing a series of “@” mentions in a conversation view, and customizing the app’s taskbar.

Oh and you can avoid Twitter’s sponsored tweets, which can be very annoying.

It sounds pretty neat if you are still hot and heavy for Twitter. I enjoy Twitter, but not the same as I used to. While it can be very useful, informative and fun, there are enough times when I think, “this is kind of pointless.” You get so many different symbols and nonsense in individual tweets sometimes, that it’s impossible to know what anyone is talking about or talking to.

But, I digress. Check out the new Tweetbot app if you are looking for a new way to tweet on your iPhone.

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