One of the things that most people love about Twitter, is it gives them a chance to actually reach and sort of touch their favorite athletes and celebrities. Without Twitter, we’d never know that Chad Ochocinco thinks he’d love to play for the Patriots (at least not until the next time someone put a microphone in front him).

However, VS Technologies is claiming that they already have a patent called “Method and system for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people.”

Wow…you serious? Okay, that’s probably going to be tough to prove, but here is something right from the claim (via Techcrunch):

As it pertains to this lawsuit, very generally speaking, the ’309 Patent discloses methods and systems for creating interactive, virtual communities of people in various fields of endeavor wherein each community member has an interactive, personal profile containing information about that member.

A Twitter spokesperson told Techcrunch: “We can’t comment on the specifics of this. We will vigorously defend ourselves, and we are concerned about whether the patent system is properly encouraging innovation.”

Since, as Techcrunch stated, you can’t really find a website or information on VS Technologies, one would have to think that for the better part of eight years, they’ve done absolutely nothing with their little patent.