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MySpace introduces Facebook Mashup

In what some are referring to the end to the battle for dominance in the social media war, MySpace has introduced Facebook Mashup. Basically, MySpace will use information in your Facebook profile to stream content updates through Facebook Connect.

“Sharing entertainment and music interests is part of many of our friendships, online and off,” vice president of Facebook partnerships and platform marketing Dan Rose said. “MySpace is giving people an easy way to bring their favorite bands, celebrities and movies from Facebook to create a personalized experience on MySpace from the start.”

First of all, wasn’t Facebook declared the winner of all this a while ago? It almost seems like Facebook is throwing MySpace a bone. Maybe they are. News Corp essentially admitted recently that MySpace just isn’t getting it done anymore.

“We’ve been clear that MySpace has been a problem,” News Corp. COO Chase Carey said on the quarterly conference call. “We had to rebuild the business.”

Good idea. MySpace use to have an Alexa ranking as high as 7 (that I saw). It’s now down to 37 and Facebook is at 2. Sliding 30 spots that high up is huge. We’ll see if the new agreement boosts revenue for MySpace.

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