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Facebook rolling out it’s new non-mail system

Perhaps you’ve heard about Facebook’s new “non-mail” system. According to the folks at Facebook, it combines email with SMS, IM and texting. Based on who you ask, this could be a good or a bad thing.

We are reserving judgment until we actually get to, you know, use it.

But based on what we’ve read, the new non-mail system is going to be a lot like using Facebook in general: There will be some great things, and some annoying things.

If you want all of your communication boiled down to one service, then you are in luck. This could work wonders for you. But some people – like myself – prefer to keep different people in different communications areas.

One huge downfall to this is if your company blocks Facebook on their computers. You’d pretty much be screwed out of using this service at work. That would be a big problem if you were combining all of your communication into one place – and then you couldn’t get to that one place for much of the day.

Chances are this won’t stop me from using my Entourage email client. But it’s believed that Facebook’s goal is to eventually get you off of Gmail and Yahoo! We’ll just see about that.

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