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Facebook reduces font size without warning

So, Large Media went down to the Bahamas for a week and we come back to this. Facebook has yet again tweaked the look and feel of their site in order to enhance the user experience, even if that “enhancement” means that it’s tougher to read.

That’s right, Facebook just decided to decrease their font size in the news feed without telling anyone. It’s something – yet again – that we have to get used to.

Facebook finally responded with a statement to

“We are constantly testing new ways to make the site more efficient for people,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We listen to feedback and always try to incorporate it in future product updates, releases and features.”

There was a clamoring to reduce the font size? Of all the things that annoy me about Facebook, the font size isn’t one of them.

So, if you are really upset about this, you can try the Facebook Font Fixer. I’m too lazy to do it as I’m not all that annoyed with the new font size. Luckily, my eyes are good enough to handle it.

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