If you are like me (and you should hope you aren’t for a lot of reasons), you get extremely annoyed that other people on Facebook feel the need to spam the living hell out of you with their game updates. “Hey, I just got a new fence!”, or “Here’s a new shotgun!”

I. Don’t. Care.

Good news, at a recent media event, Mark Zuckerberg said that they’ll be fixing this issue.

“One the one hand, games are a phenomenon — 200 million people or more are playing games on the site … on the other hand, game [notifications] are also one of the biggest complaints that we get,” he said.

From the Associated Press:

To ensure that those who love “Farmville” and those who can’t stand the constant invitations to play can stay friends, Facebook is making some changes.

People who don’t play a particular game won’t get notices in their news feeds when friends send gifts of pigs or plum trees. Previously, they had to hide or block the game or the players to escape the steady stream of updates.