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Teens ditching Instagram?

SnapchatAre teens ditching Instagram and heading over to Snapchat? According to a survey from Piper Jaffray, they are. In fact, Snapchat appears to have surpassed Instagram when it comes to teens’ most important social network.

From Business Insider:

In fall 2015, Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual survey of 6,500 US teens showed that 33% of them considered Instagram their most important social network. By this spring, that number had fallen to 27%.

The story for Snapchat is the complete opposite. In fall 2015, just 19% of teens said it was their most important social network. That ballooned to 28% this spring, edging out Instagram.

That would be bad news for Instagram, but it seems like this could just be how teens operate. Remember when they were in love with Facebook years ago? Well, then mom and dad and grandmom got on Facebook and started commenting on their statuses (often incorrectly too. A high school student posts a picture of his new car and grandma comments, “Hi Jerry. Are you coming to the lake this summer? I saw Kate the other day. Your grandfather hasn’t been feeling well, but I think he just needs to get outside more.” Gramdma, this is much more appropriate for an email!). Facebook was then not the hip, parent-free zone at that point, so they moved over to Instagram. (Credit:

So, for whatever reason, they probably don’t feel like Instagram is the safe, cool teen hangout. Or, they are just teenagers and trying to figure them out is an exercise in futility. That’s possible too.

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