FastCompanyOur client, David Silvestein, is an author and the CEO of BMGI. As a global business strategist, David is an expert on many, many business topics and we like to share his opinions with the media.

Earlier this week, David was quoted by Fast Company in an article on risk aversion.

Writer Stephanie Vozza was looking into ways that people and companies can cure their skittishness when it comes to taking chances.

Being comfortable with risk means changing our mindset, says David Silverstein, author of Three Steps Ahead and CEO of the strategy consulting firm BMGI. “Risk is a matter of perspective; it’s not an absolute concept,” he says. “When I started my business, people thought I was an entrepreneurial risk taker. I, on the other hand, felt like I was reducing my personal risk by taking control of my own destiny rather than leaving myself in someone else’s hands.”