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Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’Diva SE and TR-3d subwoofer review

AboutcomLogoWe love it when our clients get great reviews in the media. And Anthony Gallo Acoustics seems to get a lot of them.

The latest is from, where Robert Silva reviewed a 5.1 system of A’Diva SE’s and TR-3d subwoofer.

Here are the top five things that Robert liked:

1. Great sound for both movie and music content.

2. The A’Diva SE speakers project very well across both mid-range and high frequencies – good center channel depth and presence.

3. The TR-3D Subwoofer provides excellent tight, well-defined, bass response.

4. The subwoofer to satellite speaker transition is very smooth – no observable dip in volume when approaching crossover point.

5. The A’Diva SE satellites can be either mounted on the provided table stands, or wall mounted (table stand/wall mounting kit optional).

We expect more great reviews for Anthony Gallo Acoustics in the future! You can get your own A’Diva SE system right here.

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