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Facebook showing your company’s posts to less and less people

FacebookPagesIs your business on Facebook? Are you expecting all of your fans and followers to see your posts in their newsfeeds? By now, you know that isn’t the case, but it’s worse than you think.

The last I had heard, Facebook was showing your page’s posts to about 17% of your followers organically. That’s hardly anything! But, it’s getting worse.

According to this article on, Facebook was showing company page posts to just 12% of followers in October of last year. In February? 6%. 6%!

It gets worse.

A sources tells the tech blog ValleyWag that Facebook is “in the process of” destroying “organic page reach” down to about 1-2%. Unless you pay, almost no one will see your posts. Love spells

Facebook used to be a great marketing tool to engage your audience for free and now it looks like that is gone. Forever? Who knows, it depends on people’s reactions. If this ploy drives away many businesses and brands, one would think that Facebook would have to re-think its strategy. Unless they make so much money off of the bigger brands that they don’t care about the smaller entities.

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