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Silver Medalist Manteo Mitchell visits Incrediwear (video)

ManteoMitchellWe don’t like to boast about media placements too often because…well, it’s our job. But, we really enjoyed this one. KRCR-TV is the ABC affiliate station in northern California and they went out to cover U.S. Olympic silver medalist Manteo Mitchell’s trip to Chico, CA to make some appearances for our client, Incrediwear.

It’s a little more special to us because we introduced Manteo to Incrediwear and their awesome line of products. He now officially endorses the brand and this television spot was – for us – seeing that come to fruition.

You may remember that Manteo broke his leg halfway through his portion of the men’s 4×400 relay in the London 2012 Olympics. You can see my interview with Manteo here.

Check it out here:

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