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Copyright Alert System…careful what you upload

BitTorrentIf you haven’t heard about the Copyright Alert System, you might want to check it out. Then again, if you don’t use peer-to-peer sharing sites like BitTorrent, then don’t worry about it.

But if you do, you should know that today, the Copyright Alert System kicks in and you should know what triggers an alert. And those alerts are triggered when you upload copyrighted content to one of these sites. Downloading it? Go for it! But, just don’t upload it.

“If you’re just downloading, you’re fine,” admitted Ron Wheeler, senior vice president of Fox Entertainment, at the INET New York panel on CAS in November.

It looks like they are looking to kill the content before it even gets up there, hoping to dry it up eventually at its source. Probably won’t work, but let’s see what happens. I don’t mess with those sites so I’m not concerned about any of it.

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