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Anthony Gallo’s Classico speakers reviewed on

This is great. We recently sent a brand-new Classico 5.1 system to review. He loved it!

Some highlights:

-The CL-2’s provided a wide sound stage for the left, right, and surround listening requirements for movies, as well as an excellent front stage for music listening. The wide dispersion of both the mid and high frequencies provided a good immersive soundfield for movie surround tracks, as well as good depth and ambience for music-only material.

-The CL-S10 Sub is an excellent match for the system. With its 10-inch front driver, the subwoofer provided very deep deep, tight, and detailed bass for music as well LFE requirements for movie listening,. Also, the low frequency transition from the mid-range and high-frequency response of the CL-C and CL-2 center and bookshelf speakers was smooth.

-Overall system sound is excellent with both movie and music content.

-The CL-2 bookshelf speakers provide excellent all-around performance in both main and surround configurations. The CL-2’s project a much larger sound image that their size would indicate, which limits the amount of dip as sounds pan from channel to channel.

-After spending some time with the Anthony Gallo Classico Series speakers provided for this review, I found them to be excellent for both music listening and as a complement to movie viewing.

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