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WordPress version 3.3 is now available!

If you’re into using WordPress as a CMS and/or blogging platform, these are fun days. Days when a new version of the popular platform hits the streets. Or should I say, “shows up as an icon at the top of your dashboard.”

We mentioned previously that WordPress version 3.3 was available for beta testers in October, well now it’s available to everyone.

Some features that I’m already digging:

-When you hover over an option on the left side of the dashboard, it automatically brings up the entire sub menu for that option. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but when you’re building websites, it saves you a click.

-You can drag and drop images into your posts and pages now. Not that it was a terribly complex task to begin with.

I haven’t had a ton of time to mess with all the new features as I just upgraded today. But I’ll keep you posted.

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