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WordPress 3.3 ready for beta testers

WordPress has announced on their blog that version 3.3 of the popular CMS is now available for beta testers. As they say in their post, this does not mean that you put this on a real website that you use.

From their blog:

As always, this is software still in development and we don’t recommend that you run it on a production site — set up a test site just to play with the new version. If you break it (find a bug), please report it, and if you’re a developer, try to help us fix it.

If all goes well, we hope to release WordPress 3.3 by the end of November. The more help we get with testing and fixing bugs, the sooner we will be able to release the final version. If you want to be a beta tester, you should check out the Codex article on how to report bugs.

We’re excited to see the new 3.3 version. Unlike Facebook, WordPress’s upgrades are usually helpful and actually add to a site’s functionality.

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