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People illegally buying and selling food stamps on Facebook

Oh brother, what people won’t do. There is an investigation being conducted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel looking into possible fraud in Wisconsin’s FoodShare program. One of the problems they found is that there are people illegally buying and selling food stamps…on Facebook?

A report on Sunday said that the newspaper found nine people in Milwaukee and 70 people nationwide that were either buying and selling the food stamps, or trying to help others do so.

“We have isolated reports of this activity, but no specific client information that could be investigated,” State Department of Health Services spokeswoman Beth Kaplan said. “We take any fraudulent activity very seriously and would investigate any activity that occurs in Wisconsin and would make a referral to law enforcement if we suspect any criminal activity.”

It’s a great article and is as interesting as it is depressing. It’s worth reading except the link isn’t live anymore.

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