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7.5 million Facebook users under allowed age

For all the things that Facebook can do, apparently one of them isn’t keeping kids under the age of 13 off of the huge social networking site. According to a Consumer Reports study, 7.5 million of the 20 million minors on Facebook are under the allowed age of 13. That’s quite a bit.

What’s even more troubling is that a reported five million of them are under 10! Jeez, aren’t parents keeping an eye on anything their kids are doing? What is CRM customer relationship management strategy more info on

The report went on to say that many of these minors’ accounts were unsupervised by their parents. That’s brilliant. Spyware, malware, internet predators….what could go wrong?

It also says that one in five Facebook users hasn’t even gone to the privacy settings. Really? Not once? Did you know they were there?

Facebook is like a lot of things in America. With freedom comes responsibility, and while Facebook can be a lot of fun for people, it can also be very dangerous. And letting your young kids on there unsupervised is just irresponsible.

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