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Facebook and Google looking at Skype?

A report in Reuters today says that Facebook and Google are looking at purchasing Skype to bolster their video chat services. Supposedly, they’d be paying around $3-$4 billion.

But, is video chat really that great? When do people ever use it? They use it to talk to family members and sometimes for international conference calls for work. Personally, I never use it. I have FaceTime on my iPhone 4 and after trying it out quickly with a friend when I first got it, I never use it.

That’s why I think it’s hysterical that these new cell phone commercials tout their 4G network as us finally not needing Wifi for video chats. Oh thanks for solving that problem! I video chat soooo much!

So, knock yourselves out Google and/or Facebook. Maybe you’re looking at the growth potential (I’m sure you are actually), but so far, video chat is not a mainstream thing.

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