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Events are new Facebook spam

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve surely seen one or more of your friends with a hacked status. Some spammer gets into their account and all of a sudden they are selling their Kindle so that they can buy a new iPad that they just love or whatever. It’s incredibly obnoxious.

But now, it seems that event invitations are the new way to spam you on Facebook. You may have already received an invite to an event or two from someone you don’t know. Don’t click the “more information” link! That’s where the spammers get you with the malware.

These bogus events can be sent out to some 10 million people at a time. It’s very annoying and one would have to think that Facebook is trying to get rid of this type of spam. In the meantime, make sure to remove the invite from your event list.

So, keep an eye out for it and be careful what your clicking on.

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