We’ve been telling you that this blog isn’t about us, and it’s not. However, when we get quoted in a story of this size, we like to pass it along. It lets everyone know that from time to time, we know what we are doing.

I was quoted in this article (link isn’t up anymore) forAxcess News, which was about social media and how it should be used. This included Facebook, bloggers, etc.

Check it out, I copied and pasted my part so you don’t have to click on the link if you don’t want to.

Micah Warren of Large Media, Inc. specializes in designing and implementing unique social media marketing strategies. He touts the power of bloggers in the new PR reality, “The PR aspect I like about bloggers is how their content can spread across the internet like wildfire. One hit on an important blog, and you could have an extra 20, 50 or 100 more hits when it gets picked up by other websites and blogs. In PR, that is gold. And if all these sites are including the link to your website, then that is built-in SEO. Those inbound links are great for increasing your rank amongst search engines.”

He continues, “It’s an absolute must companies monitor blogs and forums to see what their customers are saying about them. Nothing is worse than someone posting a complaint about your product on a forum and then you standing by and doing/saying nothing. By logging on and addressing the issues, customers see that you actually care about them and are actively looking to react to their concerns.”

Micah relays why companies are now directing consumers to their Facebook page in ads, “Its one thing to have company news and information on your website. It’s important. But, how often are people hanging out on your corporate site? Probably not that often. Where ‘are’ they hanging out? Places like Facebook and Twitter. So go to where they are and engage them.”

He offers an understanding to adding social media to a PR campaign, “It has to be noted that interacting with your customers on Facebook should not be looked at as a direct pipeline to sales. It’s not. It’s about building long-term relationships between your brand and your customers. Looking for quick sales with Facebook is a big mistake companies make that turns them off to the whole process. They get turned off because they didn’t look at it the right way in the first place.”

Micah offers realism to clients with, “Another huge mistake companies make with Facebook and Twitter is thinking that this is all about them and what they want to say about themselves. That is a great way to get people to ignore you completely. Social media is about them, not you. So engage your audience and start a conversation with them. Listen to them. Social media is about the time to listen, not speak.”