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WikiLeaks shows destrutive potential of social media

Former president George W. Bush slammed the WikiLeaks situation recently in a big webcast with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He said that exposing confidential foreign documents makes it “very hard to keep the trust of foreign leaders. It will hurt. … It’s disloyal to the country.”

And for once, we actually agree with him. This whole WikiLeaks situation could be extremely damaging to the United States.

We’re sure that you’ve heard about this now. Hundreds of thousands of important government documents are going to be released to the public for the first time ever. And it isn’t good. This is the kind of thing that we citizens don’t need to know about.

And this is exactly the world we live in now with social media and the internet. If someone gets a hold of sensitive information, it can be blasted to hundreds of millions of people instantly.

So we ask you: Is this a good thing? Should citizens know everything about our government’s activities? Or are there some things that we shouldn’t know for our own good?

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