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PFT moves to WordPress

This was good to see. We are huge fans of, a huge football news site that was recently purchased by NBC Sports. I think Mike Florio and company do some two million unique users per month. That’s a ton.

And while the layout hasn’t changed, Florio tells us today that they have moved the site over to WordPress. I don’t know what he was using before, but if it was something like Joomla, we feel badly for him.

So, why do we care about this? Because it just further emphasizes that WordPress is the way to go. We are huge on WordPress and believe that it’s the best platform to use for many websites. For blogs, it’s hands down the champion and PFT’s move over to WordPress just confirms that.

So once again, before you just run off and grab yourself a website or blog, you have to at least consider WordPress.

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