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Facebook adds check in feature

On Wednesday, Facebook announced their new “Places” feature, where you can check in to the place where you are. This mimics social media sites such as Foursquare, where you can let all of your friends and associates know exactly where you are at all times.

We aren’t entirely sure that we love this feature. Apparently enough people dig it, because Foursquare has become quite popular and Facebook didn’t add this feature for their health.

Personally, I’m not so sure that I need everyone knowing my whereabouts at all times. I use Foursquare from time to time, but it’s mainly for research purposes to see how it works and why people like it so much.

If businesses are going to offer bonuses and promotions because you checked in X amount of times over the course of X amount of days, then it could be really good. But in general, the idea of people knowing even more about me is a little annoying.

But of course, we’ll mess around with it and let you guys know what we think.

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