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Why Go with a Small Marketing Agency?

It can be difficult when deciding on which marketing firm is right for you. Do you need a large company? What are the benefits? What is the down side to hiring a smaller firm? Well, we have some answers for you and can help you understand the advantages of working with a small, nimble company like Large Media.

Costs, costs, costs:

This is the most obvious reason to working with a company like ours. Large Media doesn’t have huge, expensive offices in mid-town Manhattan, so we don’t need you to help us pay those high rent costs. Think that those firms don’t bill their overhead back to you? Think again. Because our costs of doing business are much lower, we pass those savings along to you, the client.

And do you really need fancy meeting rooms when you are just trying to position your brand in the marketplace and increase your visibility and brand awareness? We have the same computers and phones as the big boys do, and they work just as well.


Large Media consists of just two people, Micah Warren and Lindsey Gardner. And because our offices are in our residence, we are never really “closed.” Most companies go home at 6 PM, but not us. Good luck trying to get someone on the phone after hours at those other agencies. With Large, if you have an emergency on a weekend or holiday, give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help you out.

Daily contact with company principles:

This is perhaps the most important advantage when dealing with a small company like Large Media. Big firms have lower level employees that will be working on your account. That vice president with 25 years of experience that sat down with you to pitch their agency? You can probably kiss him goodbye after you sign the contract. At Large Media, you are always dealing with an owner of the company and our success is directly tied to your happiness. Unlike the bigger firms, we don’t hand your account off to a 22-year old just out of college. There is a 99% chance that that young kid is not going to worry about your account when it’s time to go home at night. Micah and Lindsey – and only Micah and Lindsey – are with you every step of the way, and we pour everything we have into your company’s marketing strategies every day.

Increased accountability and streamlined workflow:

We see this happen all the time. A project that can be handled by one or two people, ends up with email chains that include eight different people. Signals get crossed, the ball gets dropped and people forget who exactly was supposed to do what. We’re here to make your life easier, not more complicated. We keep things simple and streamlined so that it’s clear who is responsible for what tasks. You don’t end up with all the confusion and resulting finger-pointing that happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. We’ve seen it happen all too often and always try to avoid the extra fat that can clog up the works and limit your results.