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Public Relations

In today’s world, the media is more ubiquitous and influential than ever. We have hundreds of television stations and with the development of the internet, more writers and content producers than ever before.

That’s why it’s critical for you and your brand to spread your message through these channels. Don’t sit on the sidelines while your competitors are part of the public conversation, influencing your audience and stealing your market share.

Large Media has more than 20 years of combined experience in public relations, branding and communications. Simply put, we put the power of publicity to work for you. We understand the importance of identifying your target audience, crafting your message and spreading that message through media channels. Because of our unique approach to interpersonal communications, we’ve been able to develop solid, lasting relationships with media in a variety of industries.

We’ve gotten our clients exposure in USA Today, The NY Times, Fox Business Channel, Bloomberg TV, The Daily Caller,, The NY Post, Esquire, Maxim magazine, ESPN’s “SportsCenter,”, BET, Playboy magazine, Stuff magazine,, GQ, Reuters, Robb Report and many other newspapers, television shows, radio networks, websites and trade publications.

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